Advertising Companies Cry out Against Food Advertisement Prohibition

Boris Johnson, who became a Prime Minister in July 2019, has passed a proposal to ban advertising on junk food in different platforms including television, online, and public transports. Such restriction has been met with angry responses including the Advertisement Association (AA). The association’s CEO, Stephen Woodford, has expressed that such a proposal has only minimal effect to promote a healthy lifestyle while causing millions of dollars in loss and causes millions of loss in the GDP.

A More Efficient Way

AA proposed what they think is a better solution in which they aim to lower the obesity of children by 2050. They believe that this obligatory advertisement prohibition for unhealthy food will not aid-out the support because according to their analysis that presented, it only lowers calories by 1.7 per day.
To have a progressive result in finding a solution, AA completely believes that having a collaborative effort between them and the industries would get a finer outcome to lowering the trend of obesity problems.

Going Digital

AA urged the government to instead urge a more productive collaboration between advertisement and media. One of its starting action is the Daily Mile which has been subsidized by ITV which aims to enlighten children on the importance of physical exercise. This is not already something new as the AA have expounded that even in previous years, the advertising industry has already produced advertisements regarding their support on a healthy lifestyle. Major supermarkets have expressed their support with this kind of advertisement.

Advertising and the Government

AA is looking forward to the government to have a collaboration with the advertising industry to generate new principles in the digital charter about its support to business and online advertising. The UK is one of the world’s most developed countries when it comes to digital and online advertising.

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